VP of Sales

Job Details:

As Fixify’s first VP of Sales it will be your vision that helps turn those components into a go-to-market strategy that helps us fundamentally change the way the market thinks about IT.
  • Full-Time
  • USA (Remote)

Who we are

On June 16, 1903 Henry Ford opened his first factory in Detroit. Seizing a moment with a vision of how to combine new technology, a deep understanding of process improvement, innovation, employee motivations and the market he was able to transform a car into a revolution, and fundamentally change the way people think about transportation.

Fast forward to today – here at Fixify, we see a similar mix of components – an amazing product, a phenomenal operations team, a market that’s frustrated and underserved. As Fixify’s first VP of Sales it will be your vision that helps turn those components into a go-to-market strategy that helps us fundamentally change the way the market thinks about IT.

Having a great product is nice, having good messaging is even better. But you know the hard work of combining those with process, deal strategy and execution that turns those components into success.

You’ve done your share of bobbing, weaving and experimenting to find creative approaches to hit your ambitious goals. After all, change and ambiguity are constants at any startup. You’re not afraid to have an opinion and do something bold and different in the face of the unknown, and you have a clear-eyed view of the balance between panache and process. You love metrics, but only because they serve as a springboard to understanding something important.

Maybe you’ve been a Director or VP at a bigger shop, but now you want to have a front row seat to help define and build the go-to-market machine. You think sales can and should have a strategic voice and are a key part of making sure the customers get what they need, and have some ideas on how you’d make sure that happens. You’re equally comfortable rolling up your sleeves, closing deals, coaching team members, and you believe a leader’s success is measured by their team.

As our first VP of Sales you’ll work directly with the founding team to shape go-to-market strategy. You will build out the nascent sales structure, including process, metrics and training. You’ll work with our product and marketing teams to ensure that we’re hearing the customers’ voice, and with the executive team to ensure we’re building a team and a culture that are worthy of our company.

What We Can Do for You

  • Opportunity to make an impact: See your work change an industry and impact thousands of organizations as we change the status quo for IT Help Desks.
  • Professional growth: You're going to have a seat at the strategic level and be exposed to all the facets of building a business. You’ll wear multiple hats. Change and learning will be constant.
  • Build from the ground up: Help build a company, shape its culture, and the employee experience.
  • Team camaraderie: Be a part of a story where a small team set out on a journey to change an industry.
  • Transparency: See the ‘why’ behind the decisions we make – even the ones we will get wrong.
  • Startup experience: Join a growing, early phase startup and get a chance to build the function the way you want, from the ground up.

What You Can Do for Us

  • Develop a sales strategy: We have aggressive goals. You’ll help by defining targets, and then building a strategy together with the Marketing and Product teams to achieve those targets.
  • Build an amazing team: We understand that good results come from good teams, which are built on strong hiring practices, metrics, feedback, and coaching. You’ll bring some of those practices, and develop the rest while you’re here.
  • Build a phenomenal process: A sale is good, a repeatable sale is excellent. You’ll help the most by defining the process and metrics to ensure we’re closing the right deals for the right reasons.
  • Help craft an amazing brand: Your team will be the in-close face of Fixify, and help us build and launch a brand that puts the “human” back into IT.
  • Be a strategic partner: We believe that sales is a critical component in understanding the market. You’ll work with Marketing and Product to build a learning engine which enables us to stay nimble and responsive to our customers.

What You Should Bring With You

  • Relevant experience: At least 5 years experience leading  teams selling technical products to the commercial or enterprise space.
  • Deal inspection/pipeline discipline: You know how  to ask the hard questions and lead the team in debugging deals that are stuck, strange or never going to move. You are clear-eyed about the number, and what it takes to get there.
  • An understanding of forecasting and metrics: You know how to build a forecast and track to your projections. You have experience defining and tracking KPIs.
  • Hiring and performance management:  You’ve recruited  and built teams. You know how to coach a sales team. You’ve got experience doing performance management and developing talent.
  • Customer mindset: A passion for serving your customers,  both inside and outside the business, and a drive to improve every day.
  • A passion to learn and improve: You thrive when there’s  something new to learn, and understand that asking questions is not a sign of weakness.