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Field Service Technician Availability

field service technician management software

Every field service technician that works for a service business is an asset and has the ability to grow the organization through in-the-field customer service and sales. Fixify allows you to view, track, and manage your technicians’ availability based on configured non-availabilities at three different levels:

  • The corporate level for company events
  • The territory level for creating training plans and meetings
  • The business rules level for adjusting field representatives’ and technicians’ schedules based on your pre-defined rules

Utilize the following field service technician management features in Fixify:

  • Manage a territory calendar to view availability by location
  • Create in-day and all day events for technicians
  • Take into account unexpected scheduling changes
  • Make sure all business policies and rules are adhered by

Your service company deserves an enterprise-level field service software that can manage your field service technician’s availability with ease and can be fully operational within a mere 10 days, not months. Fixify provides a free proof of concept for your business to see Fixify live with your data, prior to purchase. It’s a zero-risk opportunity for your business: zero upfront cost, zero waiting, and zero infrastructure, along with proven ROI through the proof of concept. With Fixify, you’ll reliably improve your service operations and get more business done with less.

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