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Planning Features

employee planning with field service software

Within field service management, organizations of all sizes need a way to better plan and visualize their entire workforce. Service scheduling can no longer rely on complicated Excel documents to try and keep an optical view of the entire field service operation. In order to keep field resources from sitting idle and burning through profits, organizations must look to a robust but easy to use work order management software.

The planning module of Fixify is meant to help field service organization managers to get the best visual of all field service resources to better plan resources and save money. No matter the industry, organizations with resources in the field need a way to see their technicians’ availability, to plan for emergencies and jobs that require different skills, and to also manage resource location parameters.

With Fixify’s robust and flexible planning module, your service organization enjoys the following features and benefits:

Technicians Availability

Field service resources are your largest asset, and knowing their availability for more tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis better enables your service business to succeed.

Resource Capacity Planning

By ensuring proper distribution of work orders to field resources, you’ll ensure you’re able to get the most billable hours from each individual when planning the schedule.

Geo-Location Planning

Keep field service resources spread out geographically across your working areas, easily drawing preferred locations for each technician to work on the map interface.

Your service company deserves field service management software with full planning capabilities that can be fully operational within a mere 10 days, not months. Fixify provides a free proof of concept for your business to see Fixify live with your data, prior to purchase. It’s a zero-risk opportunity for your business: zero upfront cost, zero waiting, and zero infrastructure, along with proven ROI through the proof of concept. With Fixify, you’ll reliably improve your service operations and get more business done with less.

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