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Text the Customer Interaction Management

customer interaction management

Outstanding Customer Interaction Management is now key for service organizations to compete.

In order to give customers the best possible service experience, customer interaction management software needs to allow multi-channel communication.

There are a lot of ways technicians need to communicate with customers in service organizations today. Through multi-channel customer interaction management, customers can be kept informed right up to the moment of service. We’ve perfected technician-customer communication with our ‘Text the Customer’ feature. This feature allows you to send an SMS to the customer with the technician’s identifying information in order to avoid fraud and protect the security of your customers. The information can include a picture of the technician, along with their current location and ETA.

Customer interaction management can’t be taken lightly. In recent years, the way customers communicate with service industries has crossed boundaries in order to better fit their lives.

Fixify’s customer interaction management software will give your service organization a leg up on rising competition for customer business, with the following capabilities:

  • Update the customer on the technician’s location.
  • Include a picture of the technician.
  • Send the customer the expected arrival time.
  • Increase customer loyalty by improving the experience and reducing support calls.
  • Improve customer service and avoid fraud with this easy-to-use feature.

Your service company deserves an enterprise-level field service software that provides robust customer interaction management capabilities while being fully operational within a mere 10 days, not months. Fixify provides a free proof of concept for your business to see Fixify live with your data, prior to purchase. It’s a zero-risk opportunity for your business: zero upfront cost, zero waiting, and zero infrastructure, along with proven ROI through the proof of concept. With Fixify, you’ll reliably improve your service operations and get more business done with less.

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