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Order Management

From service request submissions to technician scheduling, Fixify helps you effectively distribute work among field technicians.

Appointment Booking

Find the most cost-effective appointments for your business


Work Order Creation & Review

Easily Create work orders and review them before publishing to the main schedule


Fixify’s Planner allows mid-term and long-term planning to ensure your field workforce can meet the required work demand.

Resource Capacity Planning

Define a percentage of your resources for planned and unplanned work to better utilize every resource.


Field Service Technician Availability

Manage field service resource availability to work around your business needs for holiday schedules and seasonality.


Geo-Location Planning

Create areas of work on an easy click and draw map to assign field resources where most needed based on your businesses geographic areas.


Use our comprehensive tools to optimize technicians’ schedules and routes and save time and costs while improving work efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Use our optimization engine to analyze all data points to select the best possible schedule for you and your customers.


GPS Location Based Scheduling

Maximize productivity with location based scheduling logic


Batch Service Scheduling

Automatically schedule work orders in bulk or one by one with our easily scheduling interface.

Mobile App

Fixify’s mobile app allows you to view schedules and routes using calendar and map views. Its offline mode allows you to work fluently until connection is restored.

Mobile Workforce management

Multiple views in the mobile app allow for technician’s to view and monitor their schedule, while also communicating with the back office and other field resources.


Mobile Execution Forms

Create mobile execution forms in order to finally replace your pen and paper process and allow technician’s to accomplish work on the go.


“Text the customer” Feature

Field resources provide a piece of mind by communicating directly with customers with a picture and a text message when they are on their way.


Monitor and track technicians’ routes on the map and on Gantt charts throughout the work day to better control the workload.

Analytics and Reporting

Use the power of built in analytics dashboards to track KPIs for your service organization to constantly improve.


Operational Alerts

Built-in alerts based on how you want your business to operate allow your organization to stay accountable and on-track when it comes to optimizing your service schedule.

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