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To submit a new Case to Fixify for scheduling, simply check the ‘Submit to Fixify’ field and then save your Case – it will be transmitted to Fixify.
Creating a new field service work order via the Microsoft Dynamics Adapter
Any update to a Case that was previously submitted to Fixify will also trigger an update to Fixify to keep both systems in sync at all times.

To receive an appointment on the assigned technician’s calendar, the scheduler will publish the work in Fixify first. A designated background integration job that runs on Fixify sends published orders to a built-in adapter that resides on Fixify integration server. This adapter uses Microsoft Dynamics API to create an appointment to the Case.

To simplify the integration, Fixify allows certain mandatory scheduling fields to be automatically populated. For example, on MS-Dynamics Case Form, select the type of work and Fixify will automatically derive the required qualifications and estimated work duration.

See a demo of a working Microsoft Dynamics integration.