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Field Service Analytics

field service analytics monitoring

Operational field service analytics enable organizations to track their business progress in order to improve efficiency of the entire field service organization.

Field service analytics and KPIS (Key Performance Indicators) are one of the most important parts of a field service business. In order to improve efficiency, managers must track performance of tasks and specific field technician’s in order to continuously iterate based on data. In today’s world, customer service KPIs are some of the most important to track, in order to see how well you’re keeping up with your customer satisfaction guarantees.

Within Fixify, we’ve put this at the forefront of the solution model by a number of reports built right into the product, including:

  • Utilization report
  • Planned vs. actual schedule report
  • Qualifications matching report
  • Service level agreement report
  • Non availabilities report

Managers and CEOs of all size companies need to have access to data, in order to constantly improve the bottom line. Your organization deserves enterprise-level field service management software that not only has operational KPI monitoring capabilities, but that is also fully operational within a mere 10 days, not months. Fixify provides a free proof of concept for your business to see Fixify live with your data, prior to purchase. It’s a zero-risk opportunity for your business: zero upfront cost, zero waiting, and zero infrastructure, along with proven ROI through the proof of concept. With Fixify, you’ll reliably improve your service operations and get more business done with less.

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