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After you sign up as a business administrator, you will get login details for your new Fixify account. Because Fixify is a SaaS field service solution, it’s available over the web at any time you need access to manage your account. When you first log in, you will need to enter registration information, after which you will start the setup process.The setup process is where you insert information about your field technicians, customers, services, the users who will be using Fixify in your organization, and their roles in the company.

When setup is complete, you and the new users will be able to log in and start using Fixify.

Schedulers (dispatchers) use Fixify to plan their field technicians’ schedules for the next day or week, and to monitor work as it is being executed. Customer service desk representatives use Fixify to book and manage appointments with customers. Super-schedulers (planners) use Fixify to plan future capacity distribution. Operation managers use Fixify to track overall field service utilization and the level of customer service.

Field technicians use Fixify’s mobile application to view their schedule and document any information related to their work.

Schedulers and planners use Fixify on their browsers. Currently IE11 and Chrome are supported. Fixify Mobile APP for field technicians run on iOS and Android devices.

All of the data is stored in a database on Microsoft Cloud (Azure) with access restricted to the Fixify application. Personal information, like customers’ names and addresses, is encrypted and stored in the database. Every account is provided with its own designated database so that your account information is stored separately. All of the data that is transferred to the system is encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption.

If you find yourself doing a lot of paperwork, spending too much time building schedules, or you feel that you don’t have full control over work that is currently being executed, Fixify will make things easier for you.

Fixify automates the scheduling process and displays all of the work that is currently being executed on Gantt or a map view. If you are already using a scheduling tool, we invite you to check out Fixify’s best practices, based on our 20 years of experience in the field.

Your business is never too big or too small to use Fixify, only your business requirements matter. Fixify provides rich functionalities that companies of all sizes will find useful, however if you have less than 20 or more than 150 field technicians, contact us so that we can offer you something more suitable for your needs.

You do not need to commit or sign a contract to use Fixify.

Fixify is a month-to-month service, paid quarterly upfront and your subscription can be cancelled at any time without penalty fees and a pro-rated refund.

Your Fixify data is backed up on a daily basis. In addition, Fixify is built on infrastructure that is completely fail safe when it comes to storage and processing.

Your data is stored in a physical facility that is extremely secure with the Microsoft Azure Platform.

Fixify provides built-in features that are suitable for all industries, yet you configure Fixify specifically for your business needs. For example, define your specific service profiles (time slots proposed to customers), define your specific field service types and the data that will be collected against each during execution, and more.

You can access Fixify Support at any time by sending an email to

We guarantee a quick reply and speedy resolution of any inquiries you may have.

Fixify was designed based on years of experience working with and in field service companies. It encompasses features from various industries and is easy to adjust to your specific needs.

Fixify is not just another scheduling tool, it introduces field service management methodologies to improve business processes.

If you feel that managing your field technicians is challenging because your services require different qualifications and needs, you are committed to your customers but also need time to maintain your infrastructure, and your technicians’ routes are never optimized – Fixify is a perfect fit for your business.

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